multicolored fetus of joy

Oh god we won’t talk about project progress.

I did go shopping today for supplies for Lenya’s wonderfully creepy birthday present, though. I saw this and immediately thought of her, which is why she is awesome. I picked up Lion Brand (shut up, I’m cheap) Landscapes in Rose Garden, which I thought would be pink enough to suit the project but not-pink enough to make it even creepier. Yippee. Now I just have to make the damn thing, heh.


~ by Kelsey on July 24, 2007.

One Response to “multicolored fetus of joy”

  1. ANTI-CRAFT 😀 I love that site. I get the lack-of-progress thing so well >.> I’m finishing stuff! It’s just not the stuff that’s already sitting on my needles!

    Also, I have to recommend Street Legal ( I was talking with the woman who owns it, and I think I’m going to get some fantastic yarn she designed to make a corset-top-thing. Yes, I do plan on wearing it OVER something. I am going to be in a rather misogynistic country.

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