it liiiiives

So in the past few weeks I have survived Venetian, driven to the U.P. and back, and gotten my wisdom teeth removed, so forgive the neglect.  However, not all is neglected!

Fetching is completed! We will ignore the gauge issues on the second. Really. Evidently my knitting gets looser when I am knitting to prevent myself from going INSANE, i.e. Venetian.

Hedera the second! With enough progress to be worth mentioning! As you can see, heel is turned, I’m getting there on decreases, and it only gets faster from here.

However, I think my Hedera days are numbered. My father’s birthday is the 31st, and I started his socks tonight. Schoeller Fortissima Socka on the bamboo 1.5’s I found in Marquette — it’s too fine of a yarn for 2’s, but 1’s will be a good way to go mad.

Because this is what I have so far:

HOLY JESUS. Um. I measured to get my gauge and he -is- a size 12 1/2 wide, but this still seems unreasonably ridiculously large. It is being made for a foot with 11″ circumference, and don’t socks generally stretch? So shouldn’t it not be in possession of nearly that circumference itself? Blaugh. Ah well. Ankles tend to bind on him, so at this point, I’ll finish the ankle band and then experiment more, and if I need to do decreases to the next size down, so be it. I AM NOT RIPPING IT OUT IT TOOK ME TOO LONG SO DON’T EVEN SAY IT. Also, I may need to molest his feet with a tape measure just to be sure.

The fetus (see previous post) is complete in its rough form and tucked in my bedside cabinet, but needs some creative gathering to look like what it is, and -possibly- a re-bind-off if I’m feeling masochistic enough because the one it got is too tight. I am made of fail.


~ by Kelsey on August 7, 2007.

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