rather simple

1. Most Scotland Program participants are done 14 December. It says this somewhere buried in the middle of one document that I sent to the British Consulate.

2. K students are done 25 January because we have to sit exams. It says this in very large letters on approximately three documents that I sent to the British Consulate.

3. My flight does not leave until 9 February. My school booked it, not me. I would have to pay to re-book it. It leaves from Aberdeen. Asking to have my visa extended until then is no more additional time in the country than is generated by a visa expiring 2 January issued when they thought I was done on 14 December. I repeat: I am leaving on 9 February. I do not want to leave before then because I would need to change my flight. I do not want to leave after then because I would need to change my flight. I AM DONE WITH FINALS ON 25 JANUARY AND MY FLIGHT LEAVES TWO WEEKS AND ONE DAY LATER ON 9 FEBRUARY. I SENT YOU PAPERWORK CONFIRMING THIS DATE. I AM NOT MOVING THIS DATE.


Certainly it did not warrant the incredibly circuitous 15-minute phone conversation I just had with someone from the British Consulate.

Regardless, my corrected visa IS now coming, so I guess that’s what counts.

In other news, I am incapable of concentrating on one project and getting it done, so while I do have a completed fetus, I also have one mostly-done sock that is the last of a pair, one barely-started sock that is the first of a pair that will most assuredly NOT be done in time for the birthday it is for, and now? A hat for my mother started. This is getting ridiculous.


~ by Kelsey on August 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “rather simple”

  1. pictures?? don’t worry, i’m cleaning. it’s terrifying. i’m really not sure i’m going to make it.

  2. oh, and i have 7,000 sewing projects to *start*

  3. did i mention the sewing projects and the failed cleaning??


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