productive procrastination

well, in general, no knitting accomplished lately. at all. BUT. I did start my plane socks.

This is more complicated than one might think. I’m bad at guessing yardage, so I lean toward toe-up socks since I can just stop when I run out of yarn. but, Fiesta Boomerang comes in big ol’ skeins that can yield two socks. so, in about a 2-hour, very painful process, my mother and I hand-wound it into two balls, one from each end. I then evened them out visually and used a postal scale to determine that they were the same weight and therefore probably had similar yardage.

While there are many things I like about toe-up socks, the toes themselves aren’t one of them. They are twisty and fiddly and maddening. And if I made one and then was forced by the TSA gods to destroy it, I would die a little inside. Except more like a lot inside. So my plan was to make my toe and put in a lifeline after the last decrease so that if my needles were confiscated, I could simply pull them out and call it a day. Yes, it’s a potential loss of $8, but worth it if I have something to do on that plane.

So last night, I made a sock toe. And then my mother pointed out that it’s a long flight and I’m already thinking lifelines, so why not make ANOTHER sock toe? And I did. And it’s probably a good thing, because it’s striping so gorgeously that I think I may just stay with stockinette on these, which will make them go stupidly fast. While evidently even as much as a two-row repeat can fall victim to my “I’ll do a repeat and then put it down” mentality, with stockinette I have a tendency to just go and go and go and go because hey, what does it really matter?

Anyway. Photographic evidence:

Socks and balls. And yes, I do have that many #4’s, for some reason — they’d probably be better on #3’s, but seriously, look at that. I have no #3’s and I don’t want to buy needles solely so that I can risk their confiscation, and the #4’s appear to be breeding. Except for the one out of the birch set that has vanished, which is sad, since that was the set I was most willing to potentially part with. But 5-needle socks are more intuitive for me than 4-needle, and I don’t want to mix and match, so unless I find it, I guess I’m bringing my bamboos….

Mmmm. It is striping GORGEOUSLY. It doesn’t really need anything more elaborate than stockinette, really — and plus, who wants to mess with that? *points up*

And ignore the awkward increases. I did one, realised it was bad, then realised that it was a toe and no one was looking at it and it would make it easier to do my post-toe stitch count when I’m trying to make the second the same size.

…But yeah. My only problem now will be putting them down and saving them for next week. Preeeetttyyyy. Don’t want to.


~ by Kelsey on September 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “productive procrastination”

  1. ooooohhhh…i was supposed to get some of that, but they never called me to come pick it up. it was the poppies colourway, too. now i want the jamaican spice colourway…very badly….

  2. YESSSSS. Jamaican Spice was my first choice, but Webs was sold out of it when I ordered….

  3. nice post-age. at the same time, i shouldn’t comment on it because i haven’t read any blogs since coming to sénégal. er…none other than my mother’s, but that doesn’t count.

    how goes scotland?? wooly??

  4. I’ve been bad about posting for several reasons, one being that I haven’t been knitting much. :/ I have a lack of nice cozy spots to sit, doing it in front of my computer feels weird and at the kitche table in the fluorescent light feels weird… getting back to it though. can’t have unfinished projects!

    scotland is generally damp and gray. ireland less so… I wish there’d been a way for me to study here. Fully 3/4 of my pictures from the trip I’m currently on were taken because the sky looked cool in them.

  5. So… if you’re going to come back, I’m tagging you. Check out my blog.

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